Epilepsy is a disorder associated with fits or seizures that occur repeatedly. These seizure episodes cab brief or long at times. These seizures occur as a result of electrical bursts in the brain which is abnormal. Seizures cause convulsions and problems with speech, movement, vision and muscle control and may lead to loss of consciousness or fainting. The seizures may even cause intellectual disability or mental illness

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Passionflower herb can help reduce seizures. This is because of the chrysin chemical it contains that increases gamma-aminobutyric acid found in the brain. This acid will reduce the frequency of anxiety and seizures. Drinking herbal tea that contains passionflower will help with these. You may also opt to take capsules of passionflower or liquid extracts.

Winter melon

Ash gourd, also known as winter melon is useful for combating epilepsy since it has medicinal and nutritional properties. Besides, this vegetable is good for maintaining the health of your nervous system as well as ensuring your brain cells function smoothly. Drinking half glass of juice from winter melon every morning to help with epilepsy.


Doing physical exercises on a daily basis will improve your fitness, mood and energy thus reducing the impact of epilepsy. Exercises also release the hormones associated with feelings in the brain hence increasing oxygen flow to your brain. Warm ups and stretching exercises daily make your system relax. Swimming, walking and gardening are other exercises that are good for people who have epilepsy.


Another useful plant for treating epilepsy is garlic. This is possible because of the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of garlic which help in destroying harmful free radicals. The absence of free radicals means your nervous system will function properly hence preventing seizures that result from epilepsy. Mixing crushed garlic with hot water and milk then drinking helps curb epilepsy.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that have therapeutic effects on your brain cells, which makes it useful for epilepsy. Additionally, these fatty acids help with energy supply to the cells which give relief to epilepsy symptoms. You can administer this by adding coconut oil to salad dressings, as a spread or for cooking.


Acupuncture is useful in hacupuntureleftasdfghjiuytreelping with seizures that result from epilepsy, especially in China. With acupuncture, you apply pressure on particular points of your body using some fine needles. It helps alter the activity of the brain thus reducing seizure and restoring energy flow throughout your body. It is advisable to get this done by an expert.

It may seem difficult to handle epileptic patients. Making use of these hoe remedies come in handy in reducing incidences of seizure which is a primary symptom of epilepsy.