Some women go through pregnancy with ease, while others find it difficult because of nausea and vomiting. Usually referred to as morning sickness, vomiting tends to be a normal part of pregnancy during the early months. It is as a result of hormonal changes that happen rapidly in a woman’s body. Fatigue, vitamin deficiencies, stress as well as certain foods can contribute to vomiting. It is unpleasant and affects your daily routine.

Dealing with vomiting during pregnancy


Snack on crackers

Having crackers as a snack just immediately after waking up is a great way of stopping nausea and preventing vomiting during pregnancy. Cracker are usually rich in carbohydrates and have flavor hence will help to settle your stomach by soaking up the acid that accumulates at night. Ensure you keep crackers by your bedside for eating in the morning. Give them time to digest then get out of the bed slowly. Do this before you are hungry, and nausea starts.


An acupressure is a type of wristband in the market that’s useful in reducing nausea and prevent vomiting. The principle behind these bands is the ancient healing art in the acupressure. They apply pressure on particular points on your wrist thereby controlling vomiting. Wear the acupressure on both wrists between the elbow and the wrist on the arm’s underside. Press the button on the band twenty times in intervals of one second when your experience nausea waves and nausea will subside.

Regular walks

Light exercises and walking are very helpful for pregnant women. Walking dilutes progesterone hormone in your system. Progesterone is among the causes of nausea and vomiting. It also helps with digestion hence reducing the chances of you spitting it out. Fresh air intake during walking brings about a good feeling. Take a twenty minutes’ walk every day in an open area.

Red raspberry leaves

Herbalists say red raspberries are good in helping nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. It can relax smooth muscles of your uterus thus preventing the feeling of nausea. Red raspberry leaves rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin B which is essential for pregnant women.


Peppermint herb can hepeppermintleftasfdghjkluyituryetwlp to reduce nausea and vomiting while pregnant. It does so by calming the stomach hence reducing nausea. Taking a mixture of peppermint and honey in hot water immediately after waking up helps with morning sickness.

Nausea and vomiting make pregnant women uncomfortable, but can be combated easily by using these simple tips.